Stunt/fight performance and fight choreography
The Pride: Stage Combat Troupe provides stage combat choreography and demonstrations as well as professional stunt performance for training, live events, and film.  Our areas of expertise are historical European martial arts, eastern traditional martial arts, close quarters combat, firearms, and modern warfare tactics and strategies.  We can adapt our performance to fit a variety of genres and environments.

Individual Training
The Pride can train you or your performers in weapon handling, fight choreography or stunt work.

Educational Demonstration
Education through entertainment is another of our services available. We offer a scalable, historically-influenced medieval war camp complete with trained actors and a rotating line-up of interactive exhibits including a mead hall, war tent, chapel, blacksmith, leisure tent, artisan tent, kitchen, and hospital. The supporting cast of performers includes the ladies of the court, entertainers (dancers, singers, artisans, story tellers), combatants and more. The camp and cast of characters can be modified to support the Steam Punk genre.

We have a fully developed PG-13 story line that can be performed as is, or modified to suit your audience and event needs.  In our alternate history timeline war is afoot… treaties have been signed and alliances have been forged between a handful of landed lords who have pledged their resources to assist Lord Maurice de Marchon in claiming the crown of France.  Whether or not the “gentlemen” can remain aligned long enough to effectively wage war against the sitting king is yet to be seen! The warriors and their followers have made camp outside the charming village at Jade Skigh Isle, whose just and generous baron is cousin to the king of Spain. The baron is entreating the king of Spain to lend his assistance and he provides the camp with an opportunity to replenish supplies.  The relationship between villagers and camp members is a beneficial and amicable one… so long as the antsy soldiers mind themselves and their manners!