We seek members that have a variety of talents and resources.

All interested combatants participate in an engaging training regimen including physical fitness, nutrition, choreography, and various martial arts techniques. Once a potential combatant proves they are able to handle the physical and time-related demands of training, they may be awarded the rank of Squire.  Dedication, talent, and innovation may allow a combatant to be advanced to the rank of Sergeant at Arms. Combatants are also taught and held to a code of honorable conduct.

A valuable portion of the troupe, non-combatants serve in many support roles that require performance, administrative, and creative skill.  Skills such as acting, fabrication, musical performance, marketing, photography/video, dancing, knowledge of history and much more are essential to our successful presentations. Just as the combatants may perform outside of the medieval environment, so may some of the support members be called upon for a variety of events.

Interested in joining?
Please note that we have limited positions available, and may not be currently accepting applicants.  Accepted applicants become probationary members. They serve with the group through one major event or calendar year, after which the council will vote upon their status. They will then either be granted full membership, or kept in applicant status pending further review

If you are interested in submitting an application to The Pride, please read the membership handbook, then submit an application form.